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At Gulf Marine, we are deeply committed to excellence and recognise the importance of ensuring the operability of your equipment while minimizing total operating costs.  Our mission is to empower you during unstoppable journey.



Supporting Your Vessels Anytime, Anywhere

With an extensive and continually expanding network encompassing over 1,000 ports across 80 countries, along with strategically located warehouses and blending plants across the globe, Gulf Marine ensures reliable delivery options that guarantee on-time, in-full, no matter where your vessels may be. Our strong supply capability allows us to flexibly and swiftly respond to short notice requirements, minimizing disruptions to your operations.  


Delivering Seamless Solutions, 24/7 Support

Our dedicated customer service teams are acknowledged as “best-in-class" by customers, always going the extra mile to cater to the needs of your vessels. Whether you require an urgent order or a bulk change request, our 24/7 customer service teams adapt to your specific requirements, ensuring uninterrupted operations with minimal downtime. We strive to exceed your expectations by providing you with seamless solutions that simplify the operations for your lubrication requirements.


Elevating Performance, Enabling Decarbonisation

Our comprehensive range of superior and OEM-approved marine lubricants is designed to meet both the present and future requirements of your vessels. We take pride in delivering products that not only offer exceptional performance but help you with your decarbonisation journey. As stewards of the oceans, we understand the significance and the need to maximise benefits for your business while minimising our environmental footprint.


Enhancing Efficiency, Personalized Technical Expertise

Our team of technical professionals at Gulf Marine is dedicated to providing personalised technical advice to optimise your operations. We prioritise face-to-face interactions, gaining a deep understanding of your unique needs and challenges. Additionally, we offer crew training on vessel lubrication matters.  By staying up-to-date with the latest industry knowledge, particularly in decarbonisation requirements, we ensure that our recommendations are aligned with your sustainability goals.


Together, Navigating Towards Sustainable Future

Gulf Marine is firmly committed to a sustainable future, prioritising the minimisation of our environmental footprint.  We actively collaborate with industry stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, OEMs and communities, to embark on our sustainability journey together.  Together, we explore innovative approaches to reduce GHG emissions, minimise waste generation, and encourage resource-recycling.  Our R&D efforts are also geared towards the same goals.  


Ensuring Well-being, Fostering Success

Gulf Marine places paramount importance on safety, ensuring the well-being of every individual working within our organization.  We also prioritize fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive working environment for our colleagues, as we firmly believe that this is crucial for our long-term viability and success.  


Together, we are unstoppable

At Gulf Marine, we go beyond being merely a lubricant supplier. We aspire to become your trusted partner, supporting your accomplishments. With our vast global reach, we are always at the ship's side, offering unwavering support for your vessels, no matter where they are, simultaneously, minimising our collective environmental footprints.


Together, we are unstoppable.

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Unstoppable Journeys

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