GulfCare Iron Test Kit

GulfSea Cold Corrosion Test Kit (CCTK)

When an engine is operated at low loads, there is a risk of cold corrosion due to the low exhaust temperatures. On the other hand, high temperatures can cause hot corrosion, which can also result in liner wear. Regularly testing the scavenge drain oil onboard for Iron content, which is a worn metal, can aid in making appropriate decisions and taking necessary actions to safeguard the engine from catastrophic situations.

Owners have previously reported significant differences between scavenge drain oil test results of Iron obtained from the shore lab and those obtained onboard. To address this, GulfCare conducted extensive laboratory trials and developed a test procedure and photometer that provide consistent results both onshore and onboard. GulfCare's Iron test methodology allows for the determination of the Total Iron, Magnetizable Iron, and Non-magnetizable Iron in scavenge drain oil samples. Differentiating between magnetizable and non-magnetizable Iron content can aid in determining the abrasive and corrosive wear in the engine.

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