GulfCare Oil Test Kit

Gulf Oil International x Chennai Super Kings

In oil, water can act as a contaminant and may exist in a suspended state when present in small amounts. However, once the amount of water exceeds the oil's capacity to maintain it in suspension, it will separate from the oil.

The two-in-one GulfCare test device is capable of accurately testing for water content in oil starting from 300 parts per million (ppm) with good repeatability. Furthermore, its results are comparable to those obtained through the ASTM D6304 procedure B method.

Engine lubricants' base number (BN) is a crucial property, and knowing its correct value can assist in taking appropriate corrective measures while onboard, such as determining whether to change the current oil charge or add fresh oil and optimizing the feed rate.

This device can also measure BN and it has demonstrated its BN measurement accuracy through comprehensive laboratory trials.

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